Book Review – Easy Paleo Meals: 150 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Family Favorites

November 14, 2015

Book Review – Easy Paleo Meals: 150 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Family Favorites


What we put into our bodies has an enormous effect on our well-being, acting as far more than just a means of sustenance, a fact that esteemed author Kelly V.Brozyna knows only too well.


An acclaimed food blogger and author, Kelly has used foods to help battle illnesses within her family, taking advice from a naturopathic doctor. For many years now, Kelly has been publishing delicious recipes which aren’t just healthy, but also free of gluten, sugar and casein, helping to promote well-being from within. But more than just helping people stay healthy, Kelly has produced recipes which actually taste good too – which is why individuals who don’t have food intolerances to any of these ingredients enjoy her recipes as well.


Perfect for those following the natural Paleo diet, Kelly offers up some simple yet delicious recipes and tips to help create healthy food which delights the palate.


What you’ll find inside

A simple structure which is easy to understand, this book shows you graphically what foods you need to eradicate, and those you need to keep, and reasons for both. Kelly provides easy to source alternatives for foods being removed from the diet, and manages to conjure up dishes which are simple to reproduce at home which the whole family will enjoy.


As well as recipes, there’s advice on how to plan these kinds of meals, and how to prepare in advance. You’ll also see glossy photos of the end result, so you can see straight away what you’re making.


What’s particularly inspiring is that Kelly’s journey began out of necessity, when her children were young and not well. She took it upon herself to seek out the best advice about nutrition and how she could use food to help heal her family. Perfect for those following the Paleo diet as well as others who are avoiding certain ingredients, the author demonstrate how it’s possible to overcome and manage crippling conditions such as coeliac disease, autism and ADD by eating in the right way.


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