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Welcome to Paleo Britain – Real Food for Health!

Here to learn about the paleo diet and how eating real food can transform your health?

A little bit about me

Back track to 2013. I hated how running to keep up with my kids left me winded, and how the 3pm afternoon slump made me want to nap EVERY day. Why did I have so little energy?

In frustration, I went to Google, and found only quick-fix promises and a trash dump of hellish, conflicting advice:

  • Are carbs good or bad?
  • Cardio or weights?
  • Vegan or carnivore?
  • Calorie counting or not?

So, I decided to try… EVERYTHING

  1. Juice fast diet
  2. Weight watchers
  3. Slimming world
  4. Low fat diet
  5. Crazy cardio
  6. Veganism
  7. More running (I hate running)
But despite all of that I still felt like I had no energy and no willpower. Nothing worked.
But in 2014 I had a breakthrough. I read about the paleo diet and eating only “real food” and it just made so much sense.
Within 30 days I had lost 11 lbs. and could fit into my normal clothes again! But better than that, I felt healthy. My skin was clear. I had more energy and at the end of a long day I could keep going. All this without faddy eating!

That’s why I created Paleo Britain.

We’ll help you to have more energy, become healthier and finally get back in to that old pair of jeans you’ve hidden in your bottom drawer.

How Can We Help with Your Healthy Eating Goals?

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That’s why I started Real Food 365 – my aim is to help you eat healthily by providing real food inspiration all year round.

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