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  • As of November 2014 Paleo Britain now have a podcast! The Eat Better podcast is produced in collaboration with Dr Tommy Wood who blogs at Dr Ragnar and cover some of the common questions surrounding diet and health. We’ll be covering all aspects of diet, fitness and health and will be interviewing as many people as we can involved in the UK paleo scene!  You can listen and subscribe here and it should be up on iTunes soon:
  • Primal Talks is a collaboration between Charlotte Smith, Paleo Polly and Pate Davis, The Naked Ape. Fortnightly, Polly and Pete will deliver to you the latest news in the world of paleo in the UK. Their podcasts will cover everything from food, nutrition, movement and lifestyle to interviews with some of the biggest names in the primal and paleo world.You can listen in here:
  • Our favourite US-based paleo podcast is Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution. All of his podcasts are great but here are 3 that are well worth listening to if you can find the time:


    Interview with Loren Cordain, one of the ‘founding-fathers’ of paleo! A great interview covering a lot of ground.
    In this episode Robb interviews Dr Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain. Although I don’t agree that everyone should follow as low a carb diet as Dr Perlmutter recommends, there is some great stuff in here on gluten that is well worth listening to.
    This is an interesting one – it’s an interview with Dr Kurt Harris. Quite science-y and very long but some good discussion  on omega-3 intake, ketosis and carb intake, fruit and fructose and lots of other stuff.


A selection of some other paleo & health podcasts


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