9 Weeks to Feel Amazing – Happy Body Formula Starts Soon!

9 Weeks to Feel Amazing – Happy Body Formula Starts Soon!


Are you ready to feel amazing? I am really excited to share this new health and wellness program with you!


So what’s different about this program? The Happy Body Formula is a one of a kind wellbeing program, as it is designed by experts and structured for long term success.


Here’s what is included:


  • ✓ 3­phased, 9­week approach to increase results: Foundation, Reset, Recalibrate.
  • ✓ Contributions from the world’s leading experts in nutrition, exercise, gut health, sleep, happiness and more.
  • ✓ Focuses on building long­term healthy habits.
  • ✓ Emphasis is on lifestyle as well as nutrition and exercise.
  • ✓ You will achieve results or you are paid back TWICE the program cost
  • ✓ You will be guided by a human coach who cares about your success.
  • ✓ Your coach approves your logged meals and provides regular motivation and feedback to keep you on track.




The registrations for the Happy Body Formula Program starting April 18, 2016 are NOW OPEN.


To celebrate the opening, the program is offering a 30% EARLY BIRD discount. This special offer is available for 7 DAYS ONLY (until April 3, 2016, so don’t miss out)


Still wondering if you should join the program?


It takes a few things to create and maintain a happy body. The right food and exercise, good sleep, managing stress, reducing your toxic load, setting the right mindset, developing new habits, and shifting your attitude. But you probably already know this.


Here is the challenge. Sticking to a new healthy diet and lifestyle is hard. It absolutely is. That’s why so many people give up after just a couple of weeks.


Reality check! You need longer than two weeks to form long lasting habits. You need accountability. An incentive. Constant motivation. LOTS of support. And daily guidance. That’s exactly what the Happy Body Formula Program is about.


Their amazing coach will be guiding you for the duration of 9­ weeks. With daily check­ins, motivational emails, weekly to ­do lists and fun community contests, you’re guaranteed to stay engaged and on track.


And speaking of guarantees, if you don’t see results after 9 weeks, they’ll be happy to give you twice your money back ­ that’s their 200% guarantee.


Let’s mention the food. The Happy Body Formula’s strategy was to create simple yet delicious meals and recipes that will make you forget all about the word diet and make it easy to stick to the plan. There is NO diet food included in the program. Many people are under the impression that eating well means eating lacklustre food, feeling hungry all the time, and overall suffering more than it’s worth.




Rest assured, you will only be eating high ­quality, nutrient ­dense, balanced, whole foods.


As mentioned above, the next round of the 9­ week program starts 18 April 2016. Registrations are now open and they have a 30% EARLY BIRD discount, for 7 DAYS ONLY.


After that you can still register at full price until 14 April 2016.


Are you ready for a new challenge? Are you ready to make your body happy? Sign up now to the program