Bone Broth from The Paleo Broth Company

Bone Broth from The Paleo Broth Company



This is a guest post from Stephen King who has just launched The Paleo Broth Company


Is the food we eat providing us with rich nutritional goodness?  Well it depends on how you eat. There’s so much choice when it comes to buying food these days, with every convenience you can think of. Even the good quality ready meals have a few ingredients that we would rather avoid but often time is short. Modern day living can really take a toll on our reserves and I found that after 35 years working around the globe as a Professional Chef, my health was was definitely in need of some T.L.C.


For years in every hotel I’ve worked in great stock was the back bone of all soups and sauces. I have made gallons and gallons of stock or broth over the years. As the great French chef Escoffier said “Without broth one can do nothing.”


A friend introduced me to the paleo lifestyle which has helped to restore me to better health and be inspired to produce my bone broth for others to enjoy. As the paleo lifestyle grows here in the U.K. increasing numbers of people are discovering and enjoying the taste and health benefits of bone broth.


Our bones come from a local old fashioned butcher who’s family has been farming for over 200 years in the area and being traditional farmers their beef and lamb are all grass fed. Although not organic they have not used any artificial fertilisers on their 65 acre farm for the last 40 years.


We simmer our bone broth for a minimum of 48 hours, in fact after we have strained the broth the bones are soft enough to crumble with your fingers. Extracting all the goodness from them and producing a high quality nutritious bone broth.


You can buy our broth online from The Paleo Broth Company


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