Guest Post from Cavegirl’s Bakery

Guest Post from Cavegirl’s Bakery


Hello there,


I am Jana and I m the founder of the Cavegirl’s bakery.




Ever since I remember I was surrounded by great chefs and confectioners within my family. The love of food and entertaining had been an integral part of my family tradition.


I remember my grandmother cooking hearty Hungarian meals like “confit duck” and “paprika chicken” as well as my mum always busying herself in the kitchen, regardless of how many people she had to cook for, it was always a feast.


I had been brought up on solid Eastern European food, which naturally included lots of meat, veg, potatoes but also white flour and sugar. I have never given it second thought as why I should branch out and succumb to ‘healthy “food trends when traditional food was so tasty and satisfying.


It wasn’t until I had moved to Asia that I had realised that I need to change some eating habits as I started to suffer from major migraines, brain fog and stomach pains.  The day when I had to leave work because i couldn’t bear the light from the computer I knew I had to do something and experiment with some lifestyle changes. I slowly started cutting out refined sugar, dairy and white flour. I paid attention to what I eat and started exercising.  I had searched for gluten free products in the grocery isles and started substituting dairy with soy products.


Although the migraines cleared up almost completely I could still feel a big difference in energy levels depending on what I ate. Also, I found that most gluten free products commercially available in the shops are full of additives and unnecessary chemicals, not mentioning that the taste of baked goods was far inferior to the “real deal”. I’ve started experimenting in the kitchen, and many of my first creations were a flop or a complete waste of ingredients.


By chance I came across a few websites mentioning the paleo lifestyle and honestly, I have become intrigued.  They explained that following the paleo, or as some may know the caveman diet , has helped to resolve  some health issues such as various auto immune diseases, IBS and other conditions related to digestion.  The sites were accompanied by success stories of improved health and clearer thinking. . After not much deliberation I have decided to give this a go and try a few recipes from the popular sites.


I have included more protein from nuts and seeds in my diet, cut our refined sugar completely and substituted it in desserts with maple syrup and honey.  When making my own treats at home I have initially struggled with holding the cakes together as eliminating gluten also means finding other ways to “glue” them together.


My passion for cooking and baking has led me to found Cavegirl’s bakery, an artisan paleo bakery using all natural ingredients that would have been available to the ancient “caveman” such are almonds, fruits, maple syrup and certain low GI starches.  The products are high in protein and good fats as well as certain minerals and vitamins.




I have enjoyed my short journey as a baker so far and hope that my story can inspire others to research alternative approaches to their health, and find better ways to fuel the body resulting in better mental balance.


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