Honestly Healthy Hydration – DRINKmaple Maple Water

Honestly Healthy Hydration – DRINKmaple Maple Water



It may be the latest in hip hydration but there’s nothing gimmicky about DRINKmaple.


Maple water was discovered hundreds of years ago by Native Americans, and some of the ‘machinery’ used to produce it has been running ever since. It’s only now however that it’s started appearing on UK shop shelves, driven by our demand for drinks that not only taste great but also help our health.


With the slogan ‘amazing water doesn’t grow on trees it grows in them’, DRINKmaple (America’s leading brand of maple water) sprang to life thanks to two American Ironman triathletes who discovered that maple water offered the most refreshing drink they could find. ‘Collected’ by simply tapping maple trees, a process that doesn’t harm the plants, and allowing the water, jam-packed with a host of nutrients and minerals the trees have amassed through their roots, to run into buckets.


The organic maple water is then bottled without anything being added or taken away and without any boiling.


Unlike maple syrup the tree’s water isn’t high in sugar, in fact maple water has only about half the sugar of coconut water (less than 1.5g per 100ml), but does contain 46 other nutrients, including more manganese than a cup of kale – a nutrient which plays an important role in our bodies’ energy systems.


Low in calories, maple water is also both gluten and dairy free, along with being a great source of calcium.


Paleo DRINKmaple Maple Water

DRINKmaple isn’t just about health benefits however. Although it’s low in sugar the drink still retains a subtle maple taste and offers a unique and refreshing flavour that will quench the thirst of even the most parched pallet. Delicious on its own or over ice, maple water also makes a great base for cordials, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies or fruit juices and even makes an interesting ingredient in baking.


Because of its roots in triathlon it’s bound to have a strong appeal to sports men and women, but ultimately it’s just a healthy and tasty way to rehydrate yourself as part of an everyday healthy lifestyle.


It’s not just your health and taste buds that DRINKmaple helps however. For every bottle sold 200 gallons of fresh clean water is supplied to individuals in developing nations beset by drought and disaster through the organization More Than Sport.


So whether you’re looking for a tastier thirst quencher for your gym session or an interesting base for a jug of summer cocktail look no further than www.drinkmaple.eu or find DRINKmaple on Amazon, at Ocado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and over 200 other stores, including Selfridges, Revital and Harvey Nichols.


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