Is this the future of food? Guest Post from Bodhi

Is this the future of food? Guest Post from Bodhi


We hear a lot about sustainability in food.


In the past 40 years meat consumption has tripled and continues to rise. The global population is set to increase by 2.5 billion in the next 40 years, and it has been said that if we continue farming and eating like this, we’ll need a new planet by 2050!


Clearly we can’t go on this way, but meat is a nutritious option loved by many of us! We need a solution that addresses the environmental damage being done by our current farming habits, without negatively affecting our diets and health. And of course, food must remain delicious, and fun!


One solution is edible insects. To those unfamiliar with the idea it can sound strange at first, but when you consider crickets, for example, are arthropods like shrimps, it’s not so weird. The idea that insects aren’t suitable for food is actually a very ‘western’ misconception, they’re common food items in many countries. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of the world’s countries consume insects in some form.


Although still met by hesitance by many, perceptions change, especially when something tastes great! The best example of this is sushi. When it was first introduced, sushi was seen as very strange, possibly even disgusting. A few years down the line and it’s a runaway success, with specialist sushi restaurants commanding top prices. We believe that in time, perceptions will change, and crickets and grasshoppers will be as commonplace as a tuna roll!


At Bodhi, we feel there’s still some way to go before people will accept eating whole insects. Our solution for now is our tasty paleo bars made with cricket flour – that’s roasted crickets milled into a powder. This way you get the nutritional and sustainability benefits, without having to eat whole bugs!


Our bars contain 10g of natural protein, are packed with potassium and fibre, and are gluten, soy and dairy free. Not only that, they taste pretty great too!


Currently available is our first flavour, Cacao & Date, but we’re already working on new flavours. We hope that in time, we can introduce different types of products. After all, cricket flour is a highly versatile ingredient that makes great cakes, cookies, crackers and bread! In fact, any recipe that uses flour can incorporate cricket flour to give an insect-fuelled protein boost!


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