Natural Evolution Green Banana Flour

Natural Evolution Green Banana Flour



Natural Evolution Green Banana Flour is the highest tested source for resistant starch (RS) of any natural product. Our cold processing technique is so delicate and quick that the cell structure of the banana isn’t damaged, which keeps our flour as close to nature as is possible.


Resistant starch is a prebiotic, which feeds the good bacteria in our stomach and is essential to maintaining gut health.


The science of gut health is going through a remarkable period, with the growing awareness of the associations between both physical and mental wellbeing. The balancing of the correct amount of resistant starch in your diet is now seen as a vital step towards overall health.


The over processing of food in the last 50 years has destroyed the resistant starch content in many products, and this is suggested as a major contributing factor in the health issues around obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and digestive disorders.


Getting the correct amount of RS into a diet from normal foods can be very difficult as the amount of RS in most foods is very small.


For example: 1 tablespoon of our Ultimate Green Banana Flour (25g) is equivalent to eating 225g of sweet potato, 125g of beans or 115g of oats.


Banana flour as a supplement has very little taste and can be mixed into many meals or drinks, where it acts as a thickener. Our banana flour will keep its RS properties provided it isn’t heated above 110°C.


As a grainless gluten free option, banana flour is great for baking either on its own or blended with other flours. It is virtually tasteless although there is a pleasant, slightly nutty, wholesome flavour.


The texture of the baked products is also very good and with the high fibre content bakers can use between 25 – 50% less flour than would normally be required for most recipes.


Benefits of Green Banana Flour


  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Rich in Resistant Starch
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Low Glycaemic Index (Low GI)


You can buy Natural Evolution Green Banana Flour on Amazon. 

Natural Evolution

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