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Our Real Food for Kids series is designed to get your children involved in making their food and make it fun for them, hopefully meaning they will be keen to try new things. As a mum of two young children – Olive, 3yrs and Len, 18 months, and juggling running two businesses plus a part time job as a Chemistry teacher, I know how busy life can be! I know that parents want food that is quick and easy to prepare, healthy and nutritious, and recipes and ideas for food that kids will be happy to eat.


All the recipes in this series are made using healthy, REAL FOOD ingredients, and are designed to be SIMPLE and QUICK, to save you time in the kitchen and EASY to make so that your kids can help you prepare the food if you want them to.


These gelatin sweets take 5 minutes to make and 15 minutes to set in the freezer and are easy and fun for your kids to help you make. Gelatin has gut-healing properties and is great for the digestive system. I use the Great Lakes brand – red tub which you can buy via our Amazon Store (link in menu bar above and under supplements). You could easily replace the apple juice for orange juice, or a mixture or orange, lemon and lime juice.


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  • Method :
    1. Mix ingredients in a small pan and heat very gently until the gelatin has dissolved.
    2. Pour into silicon moulds.
    3. Freeze for 15 minutes then pop out of moulds.
    4. If you don't have any moulds just pour the mixture into a ceramic/ovenproof dish and freeze, then chop into small squares once done.