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There are many fantastic online suppliers of high quality British produce – see our Directory or download our shopping guide by clicking the link below. However, we know that for many of us, shopping in the supermarkets is still the most convenient and affordable option and that we will get at least some of our food from our local supermarket. Abel & Cole and Ocado are our favourite online retailers for a wide-range of products. Our top choice from the main big supermarkets is Waitrose with Sainsburys coming in second.
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  • Abel & Cole
    Abel & Cole are well known for their organic vegetable boxes – in fact, they have been delivering those for over 20 years. But, that’s far from being all – they now sell hundreds of British organic products, all ethically sourced. What we love about Abel & Cole is that you can set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery, create your shopping list and then set the frequency of delivery of each product making shopping super easy once you have set it up.
  1. Fruit & Veg: You can choose from a large variety of boxes, salads and stand-alone fruits or vegetables. Amongst our favourites is the Green Juicing Box, which contains apples, ginger, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, kale and lemon: amazingly tasty and packed with vitamins!
  2. Dairy products & eggs: 5 varieties of organic free range eggs, Yeo Valley butter and 100% organic ghee.
  3. Meat: Not only do Abel & Cole offer a large variety of meat, they also have 3 different meat boxes. They get their beef from Devonshire, lamb from Powys, chicken from Devon and pork from Gloucestershire. Furthermore, they stock a range of wild meats, such as rabbit and venison.
  4. Sausages: Abel & Cole stock organic pork sausages, containing as high as 98.5% pork, however, some of them also contain gluten. Our sausages of choice are the Organic Pork Cumberland Sausages, which pack 98.5% gluten-free pork.
  5. Bacon: You are able to choose between smoked or unsmoked, back or streaky and three nitrate-free options. The company works with two farms – one in Gloucestershire and another in Staffordshire.
  6. Fish: You can choose anything from wild sea bass, sustainably caught salmon fillets and organic salmon, bred in farms close to Shetland Isles.
  7. Olive oil: Abel & Cole stock extra virgin olive oil, courtesy of Mr.Organic and The Olive Oil Co.
  8. Coconut oil: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, made by Pukka – it’s 100% organic and ethically sourced.
  9. Salt: Cornish Sea Salt, which is harvested directly from the ocean.


  • Ocado
    Ocado is an online supermarket, jam-packed with paleo friendly products. They promise to keep their prices low, while constantly boosting their own label, which contains mostly organic produce. Like Abel & Cole, Ocado offers fruit, veg and meat boxes.
  1. Fruit & Veg: We tried and loved their Wholegood Organic Uber Mixed Box, £19.99 for 12 varieties of fruits and vegetables. They also offer awesome juicing boxes. A good selection of own brand and Waitrose branded organic produce.
  2. Dairy products & eggs: 38 varieties of organic free-range eggs, vast choice of butter, including the raw butter from Isigny Sainte-Mere (salted and unsalted) and Kerrygold grass-fed butter (salted and the harder to find unsalted).
  3. Meat: Ocado offer a large variety of meat, but what is really worth mentioning are the grass-fed meat boxes, courtesy of Eversfield Organic. They offer 5 different boxes. Eversfield’s meat is all 100% grass-fed and finished.
  4. Bacon: A huge choice, our preference goes to Laverstoke Park’s nitrate-free bacon.
  5. Fish: A large variety of both fresh, frozen and tinned fish. We like Fish 4 Ever Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon, as well as the wild smoked Irish salmon by Carr & Sons.
  6. Olive oil: 58 varieties of extra virgin olive oil – there is literally no way you could go wrong here!
  7. Coconut oil: A large selection of coconut oils, as well as coconut butter.
  8. Salt: A large selection including Himalayan pink salt.
  9. Raw Honey: A large choice of raw Manuka honeys.
  10. Fermented foods: RAW Health unpasterised sauerkraut.
  11. Snacks: Unearthed biltong, Nakd snack bars.


  • Sainsburys
    Not that long ago, Sainsbury’s introduced their SO organic range, however they have been selling organic ever since 1986. The improved range includes a large variety of products, all carefully selected and made to please the pickiest of taste buds. We checked their shelves for the best price-quality products and here’s what we found:
  1. Fruit & Veg: A good selection of own-brand organic produce.
  2. Meat: All of Sainsburys own brand organic meat comes from British farms although there is no information available on the animal’s feed so we do not know whether or not the beef and lamb is grass-fed. In the UK most lamb is grass-fed so thats probably an assumption you can make. Organic chickens will be free-range by default.
  3. Dairy products & eggs: Kerrygold and Yeo Valley butter, organic and free-range eggs
  4. Bacon: Sainsburys own brand organic bacon will be from free-range pigs however it is not nitrate-free.
  5. Sausages: Your best best is Helen Browning’s Organic Speedy Sausages which are gluten-free. These are brilliant for kids as they cook even from frozen in about 8 minutes and we always have a pack of these in the freezer. They are quite small and not really substantial enough for adult dinners but are OK for breakfasts. Sainsburys do have a gluten-free range but they are not from free-range pigs. Their organic sausages contain gluten so are out.

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