Why Should you try a 30 Day Paleo Diet?

Why Should you try a 30 Day Paleo Diet?


The paleo diet has, for many people, provided a real boost to their lives. Losing weight, better sleep, clearer skin, a decrease in blood pressure as well as an increase in energy are just a few of the benefits that people following the eating plan have noted.


Science has also backed these claims with a range of small sample surveys. Although not definitively proving that this a lifestyle plan that may suit everybody, it is certainly a way of eating that many thousands of people are currently benefitting from. There are various ways to make the changes to the paleo diet but let’s start by refreshing what the eating plan is all about.


The Paleo Diet

Paleo is a way of eating that is based on the types of food that we can assume our ‘cavemen’ ancestors ate. These early humans did not have access to cheap processed foods that we find modern-day supermarkets crammed with. Their intake of sugar, processed from cane and other roots, was also thought to be low or non-existent and their intake of salt we would also presume would be low.


The diet of early humans was thought to consist predominately of meat, fish, vegetables, tubers, nuts, seeds and fruit. The paleo diet excludes dairy, grains and cereal products and processed foods.


Making the change from one way of eating to another can be tough. It can also be confusing, understanding what you can and cannot eat – and why! But with support and sharing your experience with other paleo diet followers, it will be much easier.


Not only will your understanding increase, but so will your health and how you feel about yourself. This is why we recommend trying a 30 day reset diet like our 30 Day Paleo Weight Loss Plan. 


A Permanent or Temporary Change?

Some people opt to follow the paleo way of life as a permanent change. Others prefer to use it in short bursts such as for a week or month-long eating regime. However, when not following the diet in the strict sense, they still make food choices that fit with the outline of the plan.


It can be tough following a diet that can at times feel restrictive. This is the case when travelling, working away from home or attending social events where non-paleo food is supplied. It can be difficult eating paleo at a wedding or a Christmas party where the table is festooned with processed, high sugar, high fat and high salt foods; it is especially tough when you are hungry.


The good news is that you can ‘re-set’ your body with the paleo diet and the our 30 Day Plan. But, you need to be honest with yourself – change is uncomfortable. Weaning ourselves off sugar can leave us feeling odd and lethargic at times, craving a hit of something sweet.


When times like this strike, you need to remember what the paleo diet gives you, and just how life-changing the impacts can be.


Why try a 30-day Paleo Reset Diet?

Re-setting is the process of once again going back to a strict paleo diet, consuming only those food groups and types that early humans would have experienced. We have more food choices today than ever before; thus we need to remind ourselves of why eating in this way is far better for us:


  • More Energy, Alertness & Better Attitude

Have you noticed how you can sometimes suffer from a mid-afternoon slump? Or maybe you feel this sag of energy at another time in the day?


It could be that your sleep pattern is not good, finding it difficult to get to sleep of a night. You may also open your eyes in the morning and feel like you need a few more hours but reluctantly drag yourself out of bed.


There are many reasons why we feel sluggish and not as alert as we feel we should be, and the food we consume is one of them. Using our 30 Day Paleo Plan to re-set your body has many advantages:


  1. Feeling and acting more alert and focused
  2. More energy
  3. Getting a better night’s sleep
  4. A feeling of optimism
  5. Feeling happier
  6. A clearer-head (less brain fog!)


  • Improve Digestion

Changing your eating habits can be tough on the digestive system. Eating more fruit and veg can initially mean an increase in uncomfortable tummy aches but these are short-lived side effects. Like taking up a new form of exercise and working a new muscle group, there will be aches at the start but, with familiarity and routine, it quickly begins to calm down.


Again, remembering the beneficial effects that the paleo diet can have on your digestive system will help you through the early days:


  1. When your taste buds have grown accustomed to the new way of eating, you will find that the food you do eat tastes far nicer, with a fuller, richer flavour.
  2. You will lose your sugar cravings for good.
  3. You will drink more water and this alone is incredibly beneficial to the human body.
  4. You will also be able to spot the difference between an emotional appetite and real hunger; in other words, eating because we just do will become a thing of the past. For many people, the high sugar diet means that real hunger is often disguised or not felt at all.
  5. Trying new things and experimenting with food is also a great way of re-discovering food groups and how they can taste.


  • Looks and Health

How we look is important to us. It forms an essential part of our self-esteem. The paleo diet is known to have an impact on our skin, our hair and also has positive implications on our mood.


How we ‘come across’ to others is an important part of self-esteem and self-confidence too. Imagine the feeling of being able to walk tall and feel simply great? How many people go about their daily lives in this state of happiness?


The 30-Day Paleo Re-Set Programme

There is no doubt that the paleo diet will make a difference to your life. But sometimes life gets in the way and if you find that your eating regime has slipped, it is good to know that you can climb back on the wagon by following our 30 Day Paleo Plan once more.


If you are at this point, contact us for more advice and great support.


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