30 Day Paleo Diet Weight Loss Plan

What will you find in this article?

Looking for a 30 day paleo challenge to help you lose weight and feel better? Try our 30 Day Paleo Diet Weight Loss Plan!

If you do not receive an email from us please check your junk mail or email us hello@paleo-britain.co.uk to make sure you can receive our emails. The plan costs £30 30 Day Paleo Diet Plan – Paleo Challenge

Why should you sign up for our 30 Days to Change Your Life plan?


LOSE WEIGHT without counting calories and while eating delicious real food


Increase your ENERGY LEVELS




Improve skin problems


BREAK your sugar addiction


CHANGE your relationship with food


Improve your general health by removing problematic foods


Learn lots of simple and quick

"This is not a low-calorie deprivation diet, it’s a REAL FOOD diet and an education in nutrition"

What will I receive?

  • A fantastic weekly paleo meal plan for each of the 4 weeks
  • Over 50 easy-to-prepare, real food paleo recipes including all breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks (+ another 100 paleo recipes in our FREE ebook)
  • Weekly shopping list including best places to buy what you need and offers from some great companies
  • Custom meat boxes are available from Live Lean – these meat boxes contain all the grass-fed meat you will need for the 30 days and make shopping simple
  • Eating out ideas for while you’re on the plan
  • Workout of the week if you want to exercise too
  • Daily advice, motivational tips and inspiration
  • Email support from the Paleo Britain team. We provide a personalised service with daily emails, you can also contact us with your questions throughout the plan and we will provide advice and support
  • Guidance with re-introducing foods after the 30 days
  • FREE copy of our ebook Eat Better containing over 100 delicious, grain-free recipes
  • Choose a start date that suits you – you can choose from weekly start dates
  • All this for just £1 a day!

What will I be eating?





Who is this 30 day paleo diet plan for?

  • Anyone looking to LOSE WEIGHT in an easy, enjoyable & sustainable way, no counting calories!
  • Those NEW to the paleo diet and looking for some help getting started
  • Anyone wanting to complete a 30 day paleo ELIMINATION DIET who wants help and support along the way to make sure they stick to it
  • Anyone with any kind of digestive issues looking to complete a 30 day paleo elimination diet
  • Those already eating a paleo diet who want or need more MOTIVATION to stick with it plus RECIPES and TIPS to help make the paleo way a lifestyle rather than just a diet
  • Anyone wanting to improve their relationship with food!

Why is this plan called "Change Your Life"?

Our 30 day paleo diet plan is designed to re-educate you about food so that you can make better choices now and in the future. We provide you the material and information to make sure you get results and make changes that will last long after the 30 days are over. This is not a “fad” diet, short-term diet plan or an unrealistic regime, you will find this way of eating sustainable and enjoyable and we guarantee after the 30 days are up you won’t go back to eating the way conventional dietary advice in the UK would have you eat!

When can I start?

The plan has weekly start dates (always starts on a Monday). Sign up and you will receive your first weekly shopping list and other resources immediately so you can get prepared! (The plan has weekly start dates – you can pick your start date after you’ve signed up)

The plan costs just £30 for the 30 days – only £1 a day to change your life!

If you do not receive an email from us please check your junk mail or email us hello@paleo-britain.co.uk to make sure you can receive our emails. The plan costs £30 30 Day Paleo Diet Plan – Paleo Challenge

Success Stories

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the last 4 weeks. You have really opened my eyes to a new world of wonderful nutrition. I didn’t have a lot of weight to loose but have somehow manage to lose 5Kgs which I have to say is amazing ! I was keeping my net carb count below 75g and have now increased it to 150g to stop losing more weight as I am probably below my optimum now. The information you provide is first class and really informative and useful. I have to say I didn’t expect anything like this and is excellent value for money.

My husband and I have just completed the 30 Days to Change your Life plan and we would honestly say it has revolutionized the way we think about food. We are both relatively healthy, but needed to re-evaluate our relationship with food for differing reasons. The 30 day paleo plan has certainly done that. It wasn’t an easy journey and both of us had a really tough first week with headaches and generally feeling rubbish, but in the weeks to follow the energy rose and all the bloating and food highs and lows vanished. My husband lost 10 lbs (mostly from around his middle which he needed to shift) and I have kicked the sugar habit and no longer get those 4pm lows! We are converts!

The ’30 Days to Change Your Life’ plan is truly what it says it is, life changing. This plan was informative, allowing me to gain a true understanding of the impact food can have on the body and how eliminating a few simple things can completely change the way you feel. I’ve started to see my waist again, which is very exciting and now I’m armed with the tools I need to help me gain control of my well-being once more. The meal plans are easy to follow and flexible and the best part was I could go out and live my life as normal while having the knowledge I needed to make informed choices on what I put in my body. I highly recommend this programme to everyone who wants a little more energy, a little more waistline and a better nights rest!

I did this 30 day paleo challenge as I have post viral fatigue and other than resting when I needed to I felt there must be more I could do to help myself. Using the diet as an elimination diet meant I could look at how food effects my health. I was surprised at how little I craved certain foods. I loved trying all the recipes and really enjoyed eating more fruit and veg. I love avocado now! And omelettes. I weighed myself at the start and by the end I had lost 12.5lbs. My skin has also cleared up. Initially I think because of my post viral fatigue I had a few weeks where I was still very tired. However by the end my daily headache was gone and I woke feeling refreshed. I was drinking more water, getting to bed earlier and much more conscious of doing what was best for my health. I feel so much better eating this way. This has been life changing and I really want to thank you for allowing me to do the diet with you.

Thank you Paleo Britain for your support on completing the 30 days to change your life paleo challenge. After cutting out grains I feel fantastic. I have more energy, I sleep better than I have in ages and my digestion is better than I can ever remember. I have added two very nice walks to my daily routine to and from work which is great both physically and mentally. On top of everything my body is starting to look shapely again instead of big and bloated. What a bonus. SO thank you so much, I feel wonderful and I shan’t be going back to grains that’s for sure!

I’ve been told so many times what to eat and how to eat but Paleo Britain’s 30 days to change your life challenge explained every day why I should and shouldn’t eat certain things. To understand how your food benefits or harms you makes eating healthily so much easier. For £1 a day I was absolutely amazed at how many recipes, how much support, how much information and how many links to other sites I received. I can highly recommend this challenge if you have weight to lose, want to learn more about the food you put into your body or purely want to get back into the kitchen but have run out of ideas.

We’ve really enjoyed the plan and will be carrying on as we’re loving the food/recipes that we’re eating and it’s all thanks to you. Can I just say what a fantastic service you offer and the information you provide is great… well done to you and your team.

Thanks for all your information and the hard work that has been put into this. I lost 11lb over the 30 days!! I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much 🙂

We loved it. Every recipe was delicious. It has totally changed our habits and gave us a real boost to what was otherwise a difficult January. Can’t thank you enough and think £30 is really good value.

Found the whole 30days brilliant! Although I must admit I did have a few diversions from the menu, I found it really helpful to work off the menu template, I’ve made all the main dinner dishes and they have changed my way of eating! I have realised I can sustain this way of eating without getting hungry and reaching for the biscuit tin! Made me rethink my whole approach to eating! Energy levels are through the roof! Thank you x

Did my first triathlon event Sunday since doing the 30 day plan, eating Paleo and doing more high intensity training. Felt great and did a good time! Thank you again!

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