Breakfast Ideas

Paleo Breakfast Ideas – courtesy of Paleo Britain Facebook fans – thank you!


Breakfasts with eggs


  1. Turkey toast (minced turkey & herbs) with tomatoes, steamed salmon, banana chia loaf (made with coconut flour) with berries & cashew nut butter. All from the Fitter Food book and really delicious
  2. Apple dipped in almond butter! Yum
  3. Homemade granola with coconut or almond milk or granola from one of these companies:
    Primal Joy Foods
    Eat Evolve
  4. The Paleo Mom has some great breakfasts – we regularly have the plantain pancakes
    and paleo porridge
  5. No oat oatmeal!
    This is really AWESOME! Keep a stash of ground up nuts then add to the liquid. Sensational. All my non paleo friend and family love it too
  6. For me it’s a bulletproof coffee and one of my wife’s Paleo Granola Bars!
  7. Breakfast calzone. Use the eggs like an omelette but when nearly cooked spread tomato purée on it then add what you like to the middle fold over and cook for 5 mins makes eggs more exciting
  8. Make a batch of primal pancakes night before then reheat them in the morning with banana – yum!
  9. Protein pancakes with blueberries – 1 egg, half a banana, a fist of almond flour & cooked in coconut oil.
  10. Bacon wrapped bananas, always a winner!
  11. Previous days leftovers with bacon
  12. Dinner for breakfast! I love a huge chef’s salad for brekkie – pre chop almost everything the night before, throw together in the morning, cook up some bacon for bacon crumbles on top, sorted!
  13. Cold chilli and fresh guacamole, yum!
  14. Mince mix (make up a big batch of mince, veggies, seasoning) kale/greens, and homemade stock (bone broth)…really quick to heat through in the morning
  15. Our banana pancakes have eggs in them but don’t taste like they do – I combine two whisked eggs with one mashed banana and a large dollop of almond butter then cook them like drop scones (fry a desert spoon of mix in medium hot pan until you see small bubbles, then flip and fry for a few more minutes) Delicious with berries or bacon or anything really.
  16. Smoked salmon and prawns with melon. Yum
  17. Avocado and tomato salad
  18. Soup!
  19. Minced meat hash with meat, grated sweet potatoes, onions and greens, and these pancakes: I’m on AIP so for breakfast anything goes, really! This morning I had a smoothie made with blueberries, banana and coconut milk
  20. Fruit and cold meat
  21. Leftovers
  22. Banana pancakes! AMAZING! I use 6 eggs in my pancakes- banana, blueberries, nuts, seeds and cinnamon! Blend all and pan-fry in coconut oil! I used to use almond flour but I don’t even use that anymore.
  23. Smoothies packed with fruit/veg/bit of both with coconut milk and almond milk!


Egg Free Breakfast Ideas