Guest Post from The Raw Chocolate Company

Guest Post from The Raw Chocolate Company


What’s The Raw Chocolate Company all about?


We make pure, organic, fair-trade chocolate bars, snacks and ingredients. Our raw chocolate has nothing stupid in it, no cane sugar, no soy, no wheat, no dairy, just pure cacao as it should be. It is relatively unprocessed.


We started with looking at our own diets and a concern for those of our children. So many ‘healthy’ snacks and alternatives just aren’t much fun or healthy at all, they are more like wearing (or eating!) a hair shirt. Either that or they are full of ridiculous junk like soy lecithin, fillers or starches. So we started creating fruit and nut/seed balls and coating them in chocolate. They were a massive hit at school fairs, so we started to think about how we could make the chocolate better. Years and years of learning, experimenting, making mistakes and chocolate messes passed by. We came around to realising that ‘good’, ‘healthy’ and ‘high quality’ chocolate meant raw, organic, fair-trade vegan chocolate, so we set about inventing a way to make it.


We settled on a winning formula – don’t put anything in it that don’t need to be there. We use the finest organic fairtrade Criollo beans from Peru. We are one of the only chocolate makers in Britain that grinds the cacao from scratch. Chocolate needs to have a fat of some kind in it, so why not just use the fat of the cacao bean? That’s the only fat we use – pure, virgin, cold pressed cacao butter. Then it needs to be sweetened. We settled on Coconut Palm Sugar. It is made from the nectar of the coconut flower and is barely processed. It has tons of nutrients in it and half the GI of standard cane sugar. Lime juice and mangosteen are used to help purify and preserve it.


Our cacao is sun-dried rather than roasted. This means it has a wider flavour profile and larger nutrient profile. All through the drying, grinding and tempering process the chocolate does not rise above 42oC.


Our Pitch Dark bar is completely pure, with just these three ingredients: Cacao, Cacao Butter, Coconut Sugar. It is 72% Cacao, but as it is raw it tastes as dark as an 80-85% bar. It is smooth, silky with a distinctive long melt and great, satisfying snap.


Want to make your own chocolate? No problem, we sell all the ingredients you’ll need (and more) so that you can experiment and come up with your own fabulous creations.


Life is too short not to eat chocolate everyday. Enjoy!


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