How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Both Diet and Exercise – Guest Post from Hire Fitness

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Both Diet and Exercise – Guest Post from Hire Fitness


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An effective, body-boosting diet, combined with regular hard work through exercise forms the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. The best approach will always be to partake in a combination of intelligently planned training and healthy eating. Your diet should not only support your weight and health goals, but also your training performance.


The Paleo diet has been on the lips of a lot of people lately – sparking interest because it is one of the only nutritional approaches to dieting available on the market today that works alongside your genes to help you stay strong, lean, and energetic. Research in biochemistry and biology has indicated that it’s primarily our modern diet today, which is full of trans-sugar and fat, refined foods, and more, that forms the foundation of various degenerative diseases – from diabetes to heart disease, depression, and obesity.


The Importance of Exercise

Regularly exercise helps to improve your quality of life, by reducing stress, improving your memory, preventing depression, and even helping you to sleep better. What’s more, let’s not forget the fact that a proper diet and exercise regime is an essential tool in developing a stunning, lean, and muscular body. Following are just some of the beneficial exercise regimes that you should focus on for an effective, healthy lifestyle.



Walking for as little as thirty minutes every day can give you a host of health benefits – from improving your levels of blood sugar and blood pressure, to reducing your risk of coronary heart disease. Most people under-value walking when it comes to setting up their exercise regime, as they believe that their fitness efforts need to be more difficult, but the truth is that regular walking is a natural and easy way to regulate your health.


Strength Training

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, every workout plan should include some form of strength training. Strength training is about more than simply building muscles – it also helps to strengthen your bones, improve your balance, and help you lose weight at the same time. People are beginning to learn more and more that strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders, it’s a crucial part of making your body stronger and fitter over time, and can even help to reduce your risks of suffering from certain diseases. Simple lunges or even press-ups are good examples of strength training that don’t require any particular direction or practice and they can be done whenever you have a spare few minutes.


High Intensity Exercise

Cross trainer hire may be one of the best ways to boost your fitness goals and achieve the body that you are aiming for, because it is designed to tone various body parts through the use of a fluid and low-impact motion. Rather than focusing entirely on cardio – like many gym machines do, cross trainers allows you to centre your workout on strength training, plenty of movement, and short bursts of high-intensity exercise.


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