Meet the Meatbox… the best of British charcuterie

Meet the Meatbox… the best of British charcuterie


I was recently contacted by Meatbox, a innovative British company supplying hand crafted charcuterie products from small independent producers.


Meatbox have everything from sensational saucissons and brilliant biltongs to beefy beer snacks and protein-packed products and deliver them direct to you via their monthly subscription boxes (you can also buy one-off boxes if you don’t want to subscribe).


What’s more they go out of their way to carefully select British and Irish farms using sustainable farming methods and meat producers who are truly committed to an ethos of fresh, local and natural, across the complete food production chain.


The boxes are available as a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription – or indeed one-off gift – basis, directly through the letterbox, with the products, typically five to seven in a box, in individually wrapped packs sealed for freshness and convenience.


Meatbox boxes represent great value too, with the sum of the parts being considerably more than the cost of the whole…and some impressive first-order offers to whet the appetite.


The contents are changed constantly so that their customers can explore tastes and flavours that they simply won’t find in their local supermarkets and stores.


Think ‘farmers market goes postal’ and that is pretty much what meatbox is.


Meatbox sent me their Saucissons Lovers Meatbox to try. It contained 5 different saucisson varieties plus a pack of biltong and a pack of bresaola. My favourite was the Wild Mushroom & Truffle Saucisson which was amazing.

Every one of the carefully selected saucissons is hand-crafted by specialists, using traditional techniques to cure and air dry high quality UK pork, beef and venison and create popular European styles like salamis, salcjichons, chorizos and kielbasas.


The saucissons are a healthy alternative to shop-bought products (which are generally high in sugar, salt and chemicals). All the meat is cured, blended and slow air dried naturally to lock in the healthy nutrients, with a blending process using fresh herbs and spices.




  • Traditional European Recipes
  • UK pork, beef and venison
  • Olives, wild mushrooms & truffle oils from Spain & France
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy & Nutritious
  • Individually wrapped long-life packs



Meatbox’s suppliers are located across England and Scotland where they either breed their own stock for beef, pork and venison or obtain their produce from local farmers. All meat is of the highest quality and reared free range in a stress-free environment.

I’ve been looking for a company supplying traditional charcuterie for ages so I’m really happy that Meatbox contacted me. I definitely recommend them if you love charcuterie and want to support a new British company.