My favourite paleo desserts for kids!

My favourite paleo desserts for kids!


Most of the time my kids have fresh fruit for dessert, my 2yr old daughter loves all kinds of berries but especially strawberries and blueberries. They also have plain full-fat Greek yogurt.


However, sometimes for a ‘treat’ my daughter will have one of these super quick and easy paleo desserts. They are all great for adult desserts too!


1. Frozen grapes


Frozen Grapes



The easiest thing ever – simply pop some grapes (black/red I think are nicest) into the freezer for 2-3 hours and then get out of the freezer 5-10 minutes before you want to eat them. For little ones I cut the grapes in half. They taste kind of like sorbet and are really refreshing on a hot sunny day.


2. Banana ‘icecream’


Banana Icecream


Peel a banana or two and cut into chunks. Place on a small plate/ bowl or in a tupperware and freeze for a few hours.


When you want to make the icecream place the frozen banana in a food processor and process till the banana has a soft icecream-type texture.


Note: It sounds a bit like its going to break your food processor at first! And doesn’t seem like its turning into icecream but trust me, it does work. Keep going and after about 3-5mins it will get there. It doesn’t have a texture exactly like icecream but its delicious none the less and great for the summer.


3. Chocolate avocado pudding


Chocolate Pudding


This is delicious and so easy. Just blend 1 banana with half an avocado and either a little melted dark chocolate or 1tbsp of cocoa powder (I use either Extraordinary Antioxidant Cocoa Powder or raw cacao powder from The Raw Chocolate Company). It comes out like a lovely chocolate mousse-type pudding and you really can’t taste the avocado. Since this is for kids, if you want it sweeter I would personally just add a bit more banana in relation to the avocado, but you could also add a little raw honey (honey mustn’t be given to children under 1).


4. Frozen berry yogurt


Frozen berry yogurt



My kids eat raw dairy that we buy from Plawhatch Farm in West Sussex and one of my favourite desserts to make for them is frozen berry yogurt. Again this is super quick and easy. Simply place 100g frozen berries and 100g full-fat greek yogurt in a food processor or blender and blend until it has an icecream-type texture. If it’s too runny then just add more frozen berries. If it’s not sweet enough you could add a little banana or some raw honey (honey mustn’t be given to children under 1).


5. Fruit lollies


Orange lollies



I juice a few fresh oranges then blend with cubes of ripe mango. Freeze the juice in lolly moulds to make ice lollies. Any fruit juice/puree combination works for lollies. Other nice combinations are freshly squeezed apple juice blended up with mixed berries or ripe peaches or you can just use straight juice.


Smoothies also work really well to freeze and make lollies. Just blend up some fruit with coconut milk or CoYo yogurt and then pour into the moulds and freeze.