Review of The New Paleo Box by Fitty London

Review of The New Paleo Box by Fitty London


I was recently contacted by Fitty London to review their new Paleo Box.


It contains their edit of seven nutrient-dense, must-have products, for anyone living a primal lifestyle. It’s an exciting way to discover new brands you might not know about, to help you perform at your best – mentally and physically.

It’s worth £60, and makes a perfect gift for yourself, or a fellow foodie living the primal lifestyle.


“We think everyone’s time and energy is best spent on their sweat game, not hunting through endless products, ideas and inspiration. That’s our job.”



Here’s what they have to say about the box:



Symprove Probiotic (worth £20) / Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee (worth £13) / Happy Butter Ghee (worth £6) / Cocofina Coconut Aminos (worth £7) / Bare Biology Lion Heart Omega 3s / Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar / Raw World Organics Biltong / Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar



Happy Butter Ghee: our favourite grass-fed organic ghee. It’s a form of clarified butter that’s had the lactose and dairy removed, leaving 100% nutritious deliciousness.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee: functional ‘shrooms are one of the most scientifically studied superfoods. Trust us: this is a serious health and productivity boosting brew.

Cocofina Coconut Aminos: the paleo alternative to soy sauce. It has the same sweet, salty and savoury tang, with 75% less salt and zero gluten.

Raw World Company Biltong: using 100% grass-fed beef with no sugar, preservatives, GMO, soy or rubbish, this is the tastiest ‘tong out there.

Bare Biology Lionheart Omega 3s: these capsules have clinical-strength levels of EPA (860mg) & DHA (440mg), which are crucial for our brains, hearts, eyes, joints and skin.

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar: be the first to try Australia’s intensely satisfying paleo bar, as they’ve just launched in the UK. You won’t regret it.

Symprove probiotic: aka the king of probiotics. Their unique formula helps maintain a healthy gut bacteria balance that’ll make a big difference to you and your gut.

Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar: this potent health tonic has a culture of good bacteria that’s full of enzymes and proteins. Great for drinking, dressings, and it’s a secret weapon in homemade bone broths.

I was absolutely thrilled to receive this wonderful box! The products are really high quality and the whole box is beautifully presented. It would make a fantastic Christmas gift.


Fitty, which prides itself on its bold personality and sleek design, launched in January 2016. Working closely with boutique gyms and industry professionals, Fitty’s created bespoke boxes for the likes of 1Rebel, Lululemon, London Fashion Week, Reebok Spartan Race, F45, UN1T London, and more.


“Most people don’t know how good their bodies are designed to feel. We want to help people discover that.”


To buy one of these boxes or sign up for a quarterly subscription, visit Fitty London.