Fuel and Recover the Natural Way with FitBites – Guest Post

August 10, 2015

Fuel and Recover the Natural Way with FitBites – Guest Post



People love to talk about ‘back in the day’, when food was real food, and kids played outside. We think that good, natural food still exists and that kids will always be kids – FitBites just happen to make things that taste good and do good.


What are FitBites?

FitBites are really simple. They’re made from fruits, nuts, seeds and some really special ingredients often referred to as ‘superfoods’. They don’t include these superfoods because they’re trendy, though. FitBites include them because they want to pack as much useful nutrition into their condensed little balls of energy as possible.



The spirulina in their Spirulina Stretch ball, for example, is one of the most protein-rich food sources on the planet, at around 60% of its dry weight – that’s more than beef, milk and eggs!


Effective, Natural, Pre and Post-workout

FitBites have just released their new pre/post workout pouches, too.


Each pouch contains two 30g superfood balls – one designed for before a workout, and the other for after. Packed with essential protein and carbohydrates, the new ‘pre/post’ pouches are also rich in superfoods like chia seeds and spirulina. The pouches will join the rest of the FitBites range, which includes Maca Mantra, Spirulina Stretch and Acai Asana, owing to brands love of superfoods and its yoga roots.


In the pre-workout ball: Spirulina, Chia, Raisins, Banana and Guarana

In the post-workout ball: Cherry, Almond and Hemp Protein



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