10 Delicious Paleo Products Available from Live Lean UK

10 Delicious Paleo Products Available from Live Lean UK



Live Lean are one of our favourite meat suppliers. They have recently expanded their product range to include a large number of paleo-friendly staples, paleo snacks plus some more unusual items too. Read on to find out more about what’s now on offer at Live Lean:


  1. Grass-fed British Meat – Beef & Lamb

Their Award Winning & Free Range meats have been carefully selected from top farms throughout the UK to ensure the very best in terms of quality and animal welfare.


Shire Farm Beef, Oldfield, Poulton-le-Fylde – Free Range and Grass Fed Cattle
If you’re in for excellent tasting, lean and tender beef, then enjoy some of the finest from John Valiant’s award winning farm. All of his cattle are kept to the highest of standards in the wonderful pastures of the North West of England. Free to roam the countryside and live a good life, this beef is absolute top quality.


Oakhampton, Devon Beef – Free Range and Grass Fed Cattle
Live Lean source their award winning beef from a number of farms within the Oakhampton region of Devon. All of the cows are fully free range and spend their lives grazing and foraging on a natural diet which provides a beautiful taste and texture.


Llanybydder, Welsh Lamb – Out Door Reared and Grass Fed Sheep
Their lamb is sourced from a number of farms across the Llanybydder region of Wales. All of their lamb is out-door reared on a natural diet of grass and other foods found whilst foraging the rolling Welsh countryside.


  1. Grass-fed Bones & Offal

You can buy 1kg of beef bones for making stock or bone broth as well as chicken livers.


  1. Chicken, Pork & Game

Dingley Dell Farm – Superbly Flavoured, Welfare Friendly Pork
Dingley Dell is a Suffolk based farm which offers some of the most deliciously flavoured, outdoor reared award winning pork products in the UK. All of the Dingley Day pigs live a natural and happy life and spend their days roaming the natural outdoors as pigs should. The high welfare standards and free range living conditions of the Dingley pigs makes this one of Live Lean’s most prestigious products.


Traditional Norfolk Poultry – Growing Free Range Chickens to the Highest Standards

Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) chickens are free range and accredited by Freedom Food, the RSPCA’s farm assurance and labelling scheme, and grown strictly to standards set by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Poultry Scheme and Organic Farmers & Growers. TNP chickens benefit from a diet of wholesome feed and an abundance of insects, grubs and grasses – for which they forage across acres of open pastures.


Grove Smith’s Farm – Award Winning, Free Range Turkey

The farm, near Braintree, Essex, first reared a “few turkeys for Christmas” about 50 years ago. Today there are 30,000 free-range hen turkeys reared in quality conditions and fed the absolute natural best resulting in arguably some of the tastiest turkey meat in the UK.

They also sell a good selection of Game such as venison and exotic meats such as buffalo.


  1. Fresh Fish

salmon_about_usLive Lean now sell an amazing selection of fresh fish including cod, haddock, hake, salmon, seabass and mackerel. You should aim to eat fish at least twice per week for the beneficial omega-3 fats, and being able to order alongside your meat order makes this easier as it’s hard to get decent fresh fish in the supermarkets.




  1. Organic Bone Broth

If you don’t have time to make your own bone broth, Live Lean now sell Ossa Organic Bone Broth. Ossa’s Bone Broth can act as a base from which to build a diet that encourages healing and restoration from modern ailments such as adrenal fatigue, stress, lack lustre skin and tight joints. Their range of broths are made of only the highest quality bones, filtered water and organic vegetables. They value a slow traditional cooking method which can extract nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, calcium, gelatine, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

Ossa’s Bone Broth contains no additives or MSG, is cooked in stainless steel pots to prevent leaching, and their pouches are BPA free.



  1. Wild Nutrition Supplements

Wild Nutrition are a fantastic UK company producing very high quality whole food supplements, designed by a Nutritional Therapist.


  1. Organic Coconut Flour

A paleo staple, especially for paleo baking, coconut flour is difficult to find in the supermarket or on the high street but is now available online from Live Lean so you can easily add this to your weekly or monthly meat shop. They also have a good range of other coconut products.



  1. Cornish Sea Salt

Cornish Sea Salt, is a pure and natural sea salt. Importantly it is unrefined. This means that it retains over sixty naturally occurring trace elements such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. These retained minerals and trace elements help to both metabolise the sodium better and maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes in the body.




  1. Raw Organic Cacao Butter & Paste

You can buy raw chocolate goodies as well as raw cacao powder and butter for making your own delicious raw chocolates!


  1. Unusual Superfoods such as Raw Bee Pollen

Bee pollen contains all eight essential amino acids, 12 vitamins and 28 minerals. It’s available now from Live Lean along with several other superfood supplements.




LiveLean is a premium online butcher supplying a wide range of high quality lean meats, poultry, game and exotic meats, delivered from the farm to your door