Book Review – Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook

Book Review – Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook


Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook by Irena Macri is a gorgeous book that will get you totally inspired! The photography is beautiful (all shot by Irena herself) and the recipes are really original and all sound delicious.


Eat Drink Paleo Hard Copy


I decided to try one recipe from each chapter:


1. Wake Up Baby – Smoked Salmon ‘not bagel’. Since I am trying to up my intake of oily fish, and since I love smoked salmon, this recipe sounded perfect. The ‘not bagel’ is made using sweet potato and coconut flour giving you a brilliant grain-free and nutrient-dense breakfast option.


Smoked Salmon Not Bagel


2. From The Garden – Smoked Chicken Slaw. I love coleslaw and often eat it for lunch with a baked sweet potato. But I had never thought of adding chicken to it to make the coleslaw itself the meal – what a great idea! I couldn’t find smoked chicken so used left over roast chicken and the end result was fabulous.


Smoked Chicken Slaw Paleo


3. My 1 year old son loves courgette (zucchini) spaghetti which I usually make with pesto and sardines. I thought I would try something different for him with the Zucchini Carbonara which he gobbled down. Always great to find a new quick and simple kid-friendly recipe!


4. Meat – from this chapter it had to be the Pulled Pork Tacos Feast and I have to say this was every bit as good as it looks and sounds! YUM!


5. I also had to try the recipe for ‘My Famous Lasagne’ because I feel you always need to try the signature dish from a book. This dish didn’t disappoint and my husband loved it, especially the leftovers for lunch the next day.


My Famous Lasagne Paleo 1My Famous Lasagne Paleo 2


6. From the Fish n Friends chapter I tried out the Mexican Tuna Steaks which were amazing.


7. Cheeky Treats – Chilli Chocolate Mousse. I have to admit I am not big on dessert. I have never had much of a sweet tooth and since going paleo I have even less of one. But I do love dark chocolate so from this chapter I had to try the Chilli Chocolate Mousse which is made using raw cacao powder. Raw cacao powder has more antioxidants than blueberries, red wine or green tea. This is a great, easy, healthy and quick treat that tastes and looks fabulous.


8. From the Quickies chapter I chose Celeriac Remoulade & Rare Roast Beef Rolls (because what is nicer than rare roast beef?) Another great idea from this brilliant book.


9. And finally, from the Bottom’s Up chapter it had to be a Sunday Bloody Mary. Soooo good. I love everything made with tomatoes so this was a perfect drink for me and I love the fact that this book includes recipes for drinks which not many other paleo cookbooks do.


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