Walkabout Emu Oil – The World’s Oldest Superfood

Walkabout Emu Oil – The World’s Oldest Superfood

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“Of all the peoples visited by Weston A. Price during his research expeditions of the 1930’s, none elicited as much awe as the Australian Aborigines. Dr. Price found them to be “the paradigm of moral and physical perfection.”


The indigenous Australians are considered the oldest living culture on earth. The Emu was considered to be of the utmost importance to their survival– to maintain vital health, protect against disease and ensure healthy children generation after generation. The Emu was so revered by the indigenous Australians that it is part of their mythology, their Dreamtime.


The Aborigines passed down knowledge by word of mouth so it wasn’t until 1860 that its traditional use was first recorded by G. Bennett in his “Gatherings of a naturalist in Australiasia.”


The Emu has the uncommon ability to store astounding amounts of nutrients in its fat while living in one of Earth’s harshest climates. The male Emu sits on his cluster of eggs for 54 days without food or water—all his nutritional needs met by this life-sustaining fat.


Hibernating animals such as bears and snakes also accumulate this type of fat, seasonably built up and depleted. The Emu is the only known warm bloodied animal to provide this type of life-sustaining fat on a commercial basis.



What makes Emu oil so unique – A Superfood/A Superfat


  • Walkabout Emu oil contains all the Fat-Soluble vitamins: A, D3, E and the elusive vitamin K2 MK-4, the most potent form of vitamin K2. It is believed to be Dr. Price’s prized “Activator X,” in amounts 10 times greater than butter oil and ghee.
  • Contains Omega-3, 6, 7 and 9, plus AA, ATP and cancer protective CLA.
  • It is a unique and synergistic combination of nutrients in an all-natural form, completely balanced by nature and readily utilized by the body.
  • Highest quality and most biologically active Emu oil from specific Emu genetics bred only on a limited number of farms in Australia.
  • Used internally and topically – 100 capsule jar, 120ml liquid supplement or 2oz. topical bottle.
  • Mild and pleasant tasting, easy to take, No bitterness, aftertaste or burping.
  • Highly anti-inflammatory Superfood.
  • Unadulterated – nothing added nothing taken away.


Mother Nature at her most potent and powerful!



All Emu Oil’s are not created equal


The effectiveness of Emu oil can vary greatly.


  1. The genotype of the Emu.

The highest quality, most biologically active Emu oil comes from a specific genetic line of Emu. Think about a horse for a moment. Thoroughbreds are bred to run fast, draft horses have incredible strength, ponies are small for the vertically challenged. They are all horses but have different traits. The same applies to Emus.


All Emus outside of Australia come from zoo stock and have no access to these genetics.


  1. The husbandry and feed.

Just like the foods we eat play an important role in our overall health, so too         with the Emu. Correct feed increases the biological activity of the oil. Ten years of studying the birds in their natural habitat, analyzing their dietary habits, droppings, etc. produced a feeding program that mimics what the birds eat in the wild.

No GM feed, vaccinations, antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemicals of any kind are allowed on the farms.


  1. Walkabout Health Products takes a holistic approach to Emu Oil – nothing added – nothing taken away. We leave it just as Mother Nature intended, an unrefined fat.


Many other Emu oils are highly refined and denatured.


Our Emu oil is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. The TGA has the most stringent and strict regulations for natural products in the world.


Walkabout Emu Oil is a singular food that has nourished people for centuries, providing nutrition for optimal health that is hard to find in our modern diets.


Liz Schlinsog, Walkabout Health Products


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